Breast Care Products That Care For All Mothers

The sun setting at dawn, flowers blooming in spring and the first drops of dew in the morning are some of the warmest sights on earth, but nothing can beat the warmth of the sight of a mother holding her child to her breast while he sucks on it, blissfully, without a care in the world. However, a woman alone knows the efforts that she puts behind this blissful scene. However, these challenges are not ignored by manufacturers of breast care products that have come up with a range of breast pads, nipple shields and nipple wipes to help a mother care for her growing newborn with more comfort and ease.


baby care pic

The following are some breast care products that you will find convenient as a feeding mother.

Breast Pads To Hide Leaking Nipples

While a leaking breast is a good sign that indicates that your body has lots of milk for your child, it may wet your clothes and cause some inconvenience. This is something that may be out of your control. Sometimes the very thought of your baby or the sound of him crying can get your breasts reacting to it. Breast pads are designed to prevent the embarrassment mothers can face from a leaking breast. However, you need to ensure that you change them frequently as damp breast pads can lead to infection in the nipples.

Nipple Shields For Easy Sucking

A nipple shield is a piece of soft and thin silicon that a mother can wear when she is feeding her baby. The suction that this device provides keeps the mother’s nipples in an extended position, making sucking easier for premature babies who tend to take frequent breaks when sucking. The nipple shield makes it easier for these babies to find the nipple they let go of. Nipple shields can also be very useful for babies who have gotten used to bottles and refuse to suck on the mother’s nipple. As they feel the same as a bottle nipple, a baby will not turn away from it.


Nipple Wipes For Hygienic Nipples

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects that you have to take care of when you are feeding your baby. The saliva that remains on your nipple after your baby is done with sucking can be harmful if not wiped off before feeding the next time. Nipple wipes are soft and thus very convenient to wipe nipples with after a session of feeding.


Breast Shells For Sore, Flat Or Inverted Nipples

While some mothers suffer from sore nipples, there are others that suffer from flat or inverted nipples that come in the way of effective breastfeeding. Breast shells with large holes can provide mothers some comfort from sore nipples. Breast shells with smaller holes, on the other hand, can correct flat or inverted nipples.


Buy Breast Care Products Online

Brands like Chicco, Medela, Farlin and Mee Mee have a range of breast care products online . You can compare the features of different breast pads, nipple shields and nipple wipes that you find online and have a look at the different prices before you get yourself all the baby products that you need while you feed your baby.




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