Spreading a Little Happiness with a Few Baby Gifts

The birth of a child is one of the most significant events in a person’s life. They don’t even realise it until it happens. And the moment the they look into the child’s eyes, they know that nothing will remain the same from then onwards.  The little one becomes their life. Everything revolves around him…

baby dresses

Until a few days ago, I’d only seen these things in a movie or read it in a book. The idea that the birth of a child can bring so many changes in someone’s life never struck me as feasible. I always wondered how it would feel since we haven’t had a baby in our family since a long time. But just a few days back, my brother had a little boy. I can’t even begin describe how ecstatic he was. His eyes shone like stars in the night sky. He went around telling everyone that he had a child. I was more than happy for him. Naturally, I wanted to do my share to show him how happy I was for him. So I decided to get a few baby gifts for the newborn.

Yes, I do know that love is better expressed in words and actions than giving gifts. But gifts are likely to remain forever. The baby gifts I gift them will remind them of me when I’m not around. Besides, my happiness will only increase when I see the little one playing with the gifts I gave him.

So I started thinking of the various newborn baby gifts I could buy for the little one. I thought of clothes, baby grooming products, accessories, cribs, and so many other things. But took them all off when I actually decided to start shopping. Then I made another list. This list consisted play gyms, crib toys, musical toys, rattlers, and other stuffed toys. I deleted this list too. The reason was simple. My brother and his wife would have bought everything for the baby. I wanted my baby gift to be different. After going back and forth over all the potential baby gifts, I decided to buy every type of baby gift.

I wanted to buy so many baby gifts but I had very little time. So I decided to buy baby gifts for the newborn from an online store. I quickly selected a baby gifts online and I added them all to my shopping cart and placed an order, and requested for a gift wrapping. Within 4 days, all the products arrived in a huge package, neatly packed. I handed over the package to my brother. It was beautiful to add on to his happiness.



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