Cloth Diapers – Why New Moms Should Give Preference to Cloth Diapering

There’s nothing that parents love more than seeing their child developing quite an appetite and being a non-fussy eater. This because at the end of the day, a healthy baby is so much more interactive and happier than another who has trouble eating or drinking. You know what else indicates that you have a healthy baby? Given the amount of breast milk or formulas that your baby is fed with at regular intervals of time, it is only natural for him to discharge that much more waste.

A baby soiling the bed and staining his clothes with bodily discharges are not new concepts for parents. What has changed over the years is the way we take care of the mess created by our baby’s discharges. There are all sorts of diapers designed to make this process comfortable for the baby and easy-to-clean for the parents. Use-and-throw diapers are what they are – God-sent gift to all parents. But these diapers are often infused with tons of chemicals that have been added to make it as leak-proof and odour-free as possible. When you put these diapers on your child, what you are also doing is exposing him to all these chemicals and perfumes which are a little too strong for him to handle. If you notice your child showing signs of irritation and see rashes on his bottom, you might want to steer clear of disposable diapers (for some time at least) and opt for cloth diapers instead.


cloth diapers


Cloth diapers are certainly not a new thing for most of us. Our mothers used it on us, who in turn learnt the usefulness of cloth diapers from their mothers. While the concept of these diapers is more or less the same, what has changed is the shape, design, and pretty much almost everything else. For instance, modern day baby cloth diapers have multiple layers and are designed to resemble pants so our baby can move around freely and still not soil himself.

Cloth Diapers Benefits

A few other reasons as to why you should consider giving cloth diapers a chance include:

Breathability – Unlike disposable baby diapers that come packed with plastic and other non-degradable materials, cloth diapers are made of cotton and other such fabrics so your baby’s hygiene needs are taken care of in the gentlest way. With no harsh chemicals and scents coming in close contact with your baby’s skin, you can sleep in peace knowing that you’re taking care of your baby the right way.

Earlier potty-training – Cloth diapers are leak-proof but they allow your baby to feel the wet sensation against his skin when he soils himself. This irritation is most likely to trigger an alarm in your child so as time passes, he knows better than to soil himself.

Cost-efficient – You will need to spend money on umpteen formulas and baby products. You could save some cash with cloth diapers as these can be washed and reused over and over again.

Less waste – Because you don’t have to dispose cloth diapers, your dustbin will not be cluttered with thick, stained diapers.

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