Different Kinds Of Huggies Diapers & Their Major Benefits

Do you remember wearing diapers in your childhood? Even if you check the pictures of your childhood it will be mostly cloth diapers or langotis that your mom made. But can you imagine using those for your baby? You will not consider using them because of the inconvenience it will cause. Even if you have to admit that you are a less patient parent than your parents, you will stick to using diapers only.

There are many brands of baby diapers which are available in market like Pampers, Huggies, Mamy Poko, Libero etc. From all these brands Huggies is one of the most trusted brand for diapers by mommies worldwide. From newborns to toddlers, Huggies diapers can be used by a baby until he or she is potty-trained.

Hey Newbie Moms, Below are the main types of diapers produced by the brand.

Huggies Total Protection

To keep your baby’s bottom dry and soft and free from rashes, choose this diaper. It is clinically proven to reduce rashes and can retain the tenderness of the baby’s skin.

Cushiony soft liner – The diaper will feel soft to the baby’s bottom and will be comfortable for him or her.

Blue Speed Dry layer – It absorbs the wetness instantly and helps keep the skin dry.

Cloth-like Airfresh Cover – To keep your baby’s bottom fresh, this cover allows air flow in and out of the diaper.

Soft and Snug Waistband – A loosely fit diaper will irritate the baby, as well as doesn’t serve the purpose of absorbing wetness properly. This diaper features soft and snug waistband to secure it firmly on the baby’s body even if he or she is moving around.


Huggies Diapers Images

Huggies Wonder Pants

To care for your baby’s delicate skin, Huggies presents Wonder Pants diaper which is a soft diaper. It features a Soft-Hug design which is gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. You know it is difficult to get hold of your baby once he starts crawling and further more difficult to make him stay at a place for you to change his diaper. With Wonder-Pants, you can change his diaper even if he is on the move, without interrupting his playtime.

Soft-Hug design – This design provides all-round softness to your baby’s bottom and offers a hugging fit on his body.

Cottony soft material – This material will be gentle on your baby’s bottom without irritating his skin.

Waistband with soft elastic – As this Huggies diapers can be worn like an underwear, the waistband is provided with soft elastic to be soft on your baby’s waist.

Blue Speed Dry layer – This diaper is also equipped with this dry layer to absorb the wetness instantly.


Huggies Dry


Huggies Dry

Because babies wet their diaper frequently, it is important to ensure that the dampness don’t prevail for long, making them baby vulnerable to infection. Huggies Dry will help keep your baby’s skin drier and healthier with its double leak barriers and an Airfresh cover.

Cloth-like Airfresh cover – The Airfresh cover made of cloth allows air circulation in and out of the diaper to keep the baby’s skin dry and fresh.

Quick Lock System – The Quick Dry layer absorbs the wetness away from your baby’s skin and into the absorbent core of the diaper to keep your baby’s skin dry. It also spreads the fluid throughout the diaper pad so that your baby doesn’t feel the dampness on his bottom.

Blue Speed Dry Layer – It also helps in absorbing the wetness instantly to keep the baby’s skin dry.

Now you can buy Huggies diapers online . Shop from online stores and you can get them delivered to your doorstep. You will not have to leave the side of your baby for shopping diapers anymore.

In the comments section below, please write your valuable Huggies diapers benefits if your are using baby diapers of this band for your baby. 


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