Hot Wheels Cars – A Treat to Car Lovers

Among the many toys that made our childhood fun Hot Wheels cars are some of the most significant ones. Ever since its launch in 1968, Hot Wheels has made a mark in the toy industry with its innovation. Mattel, a popular toy making company introduced the first toy model of the dark blue Custom Camaro in the ratio 1:64. The first series of Hot Wheels car has 11 models and were designed by Harry Bentley Bradley, the famous American car designer.

Today, the brand is one of the most popular toy makers in the world and Hot Wheels toys has become synonymous with die-cast cars. These beautifully designed cars were initially designed as playthings for children. However, over time, these cars become extremely popular amongst adults too, especially among the automotive fanatics.

Hot Wheels is also one of the very few brands that has procured license to make the miniature models of their real counterparts. These cars gained immense popularity for their real-like design and appearance. The brand manufactures these miniature models with their original, trademark design elements. After the legendary Harry Bentley Bradley, Ira Gilford took over the designing department. Mattel has been maintaining cordial and friendly relationships with top automobile manufacturers and leading licensors like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati. This helped the brand come up with miniature models of all the latest cars in the market.

These car toys are hugely collected and treasured by people who love and adore automobiles. So the next time you want to gift your friends or family members who love cars, you know what to buy. The Hot Wheels Classics line produces models that have remained as classics in the hearts of millions of consumers. The year 1970 made a huge impact in the sales of these cars. This was the year when the Sizzlers were introduced. These cars came with a built-in motor and a rechargeable battery which ran on the regular Hot Wheels track. Its tracks are hugely popular for their innovative designs like U-turns, multi-level spirals and loops. These tracks make the race more exciting and interesting. Some of the popular toy car models released by Hot Wheels were Classic ’57 T-Bird, Chevy Nomad, Maserati Mistral, Custom Mustang, Ford J-Car and Beatnik Bandit.

Buy Hot Wheels cars and experience the bliss of playing with them. Or just treasure them and fulfill your automotive desires.

Shop Hot Wheels cars online from trusted e-commerce websites and avail exciting offers like secure payment options, fast delivery and effective after-sales services. Most online portals have a huge collection of Hot Wheels cars, both the latest and the old classic models. You can pick the ones that you love and adore. What if you can’t afford the original ones? With Hot Wheels cars you can fulfill your desires by owning these miniature versions of your favourite cars.



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