How To Buy The Best Baby Cots & Bassinets For Better Baby Sleep

Watching your baby sleeping is one of the most beautiful things in life. Ensuring that your baby gets a comfortable sleep is important. Most parents opt for a baby bassinet because it offers the baby the much-needed comfort and safety. Moreover, the baby bassinet is ideal for a baby because it is of the right size, keeps the baby secure and it is portable. As the baby grows, parents switch to using baby cots. A baby cot is an ideal place for an infant to sleep as it is cosy, comfortable and secure. Baby cots are available in a wide range of styles, colours and materials.

baby bassinet & Baby cot

Before you purchase a baby cot or baby bassinet for your baby, you need to do research on the features and advantages each has to offer. Lets check out the buying tips for baby cots & bassinets …

How To Buy A Baby Bassinet

Portability: While your baby spends a good portion of his time sleeping, either in your arms or on your husband’s shoulder, getting a baby bassinet is a good investment. For the first few months, you will like to keep your baby close to you at night and bassinets are ideal in such cases as they are portable. You can use them in your living room or home office while your baby is having his nap.

Compact: These bassinet are smaller and more compact than baby cots. If you have limited space, then bassinets are a great baby furniture investment. Their portability and compactness make it easy to place them almost anywhere in your house.

Safety: When it comes to buying any baby item, safety is the number one priority. And bassinets offer a wide variety of safety features. The portability itself is a safety feature as you can keep your baby close to you at all times. Bassinets are specially designed for newborn babies, so they come with soft paddings on the sides. Also, they are made of sturdy materials.

Baby Cot Advantages & Buying Guide

Simply put, a baby cot is a baby bed. It comes in a wide variety of styles and colours. A baby cot is usually made from wood and this adds a classic touch to the baby’s nursery. Baby cots are usually equipped with wheels, to make them easy to move around the bedroom. This is also helpful in moving the cot from the infant’s room to parents’ bedroom and other places. They come with height adjustable base. This is another useful feature wherein a parent is able to pick her child up from the cot without much difficulty. When it comes to safety features, these cots comply to all international safety regulations. The materials are made from baby-safe materials and are hypoallergenic in nature. The rails are evenly spaced and chances of your baby getting his head stuck between the rails is none.


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