Why New Parents Should Use Baby Monitor – Types & Benefits

Hey new parents! For best baby care ,  are you thinking to buy baby monitor? If yes, then this blogpost is very useful which contains information like types of baby monitor & its benefits .

Why Baby Monitor Are Useful For New Parents?

As much as you would want it to, life doesn’t stop for anyone. With each passing day, working parents have to brace themselves to be prepared to stay away from their baby for almost half the day. And as much as one tries to put up a tough front, this is never easy. Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, monitoring your child’s every move is not possible. Household chores and other such tasks force you to put your baby down for some time. These few minutes or hours can feel like eternity. As parents, you cannot help but imagine the worst possible scenarios when you are away from your baby. Well, not anymore. For your own comfort and peace of mind, bring home baby monitors.

Baby monitor will also allow you have a restful night’s sleep, without having to constantly check in on your child. Whenever your child is hungry, uncomfortable, or needs a diaper change, his or her cries will echo through the device so you can go in and do the needful.

These devices are affordably priced and you can get yourself one for as cheap as Rs. 3000 – a small price to pay for your child’s safety and for your own sanity.


baby monitor

Types Of Baby Monitors

Types of monitoring modes for baby monitors are audio, audio video, digital video, and video.

Audio & Video Baby Monitor – Fix an audio monitor in your baby’s room and you will be able to listen to the sounds made by your baby. Audio and video baby monitors are real game changers. With these, you can listen to your baby and also keep a close watch on your baby’s movements.

Digital Baby Monitor – It allow you to stay in contact with your child both indoors and outdoors, and even when your child is napping in a darkened room. These are battery operated and some digital monitors have also been equipped to keep your baby calm by playing soothing lullabies.

To view what your baby is up to, all you need to do is to plug in the receiver into a television or into a portable LCD television screen.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitor – This age of technology also offers parents an easier parenthood by gifting them Wi-Fi baby monitors. To use these devices, simply connect them with an iPhone or an Android device. Wi-fi baby monitoring devices allow you to view videos from more than one camera, on a single screen. These monitors also alert you if the temperature in your baby’s room gets too hot or too cold.

These are one of the greatest inventions for anxious parents all over the world. So if you are a new parent, or someone simply looking for the perfect gift for your friend who has just had a baby, baby monitors are a great choice.

For convenient browsing and easy comparison of products, buy baby monitor online .


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