How To Buy & Use A Baby Monitor

Hey new parents! If you’re planning to buy a baby monitoring devices, then this blogpost is very useful for you which describes the how to buy & use a Baby Monitor .

What is baby monitor?

A baby monitor is a device which contains a microphone to capture and a transmitter to transmit any sound made by an unattended infant. This device is a saviour for all parents – whether first time or veterans. Being a new parent, you might want to spend all day with your little one to take its care, but you have to look after other household chores as well. It is easier to manage both during the day time as you are awake and can attend to your little one’s needs as soon as you hear him/her cry. However, it gets difficult during the night as you too need some sound sleep to energize yourself the next day activities. Waking up in the middle of the night is common to all babies. A baby monitor alarms you if and when your child cries so that you may attend to his/her needs of changing diapers or rocking and feeding it to sleep.

There are many varieties of baby monitors available in the market but you must carefully select one by evaluating its key features and the utilities that it can provide you with. There is only one way that your newborn child can let you know that he/she needs you and that is by crying. So it is always better to emphasise upon the sound capturing and transmitting features in a monitor.


baby monitor



Baby Monitor Buying Tips & How To Use It

Look for a higher frequency model in the range of 1000 Hz or more for clear sound without any interference. These devices are battery operated so it is better to buy one that indicates when to change the batteries so that you do not miss on attending to your child’s needs. A monitor which can indicate baby’s movements with sound and a blinking light is useful when there are other noises in the room from music, laundry, kitchen appliances or a TV. Many monitors have to be plugged into a power socket to be used. While that is not a problem for the transmitting unit in your child’s room, you might want to look for a wireless receiver that allows you to move freely in your house or even go to the backyard for a few minutes.

You can choose to buy an audio or video monitor, digital video monitor or one that alerts you with both audio and video. Video monitors let you have a look at your little child while peacefully sleeping or quietly awake and trying to sleep on its own. Other additional features included in baby monitors are room temperature sensor and display, programmed lullabies to put your newborn to sleep and a two way communication feature to talk to your little one from a distance. A new generation of Wi-Fi enabled devices allows you to connect your android or iOS laptops, computers or other smart devices by downloading a simple app and watch your little one.

You can buy baby monitor online from various eCommerce websites. Evaluate different features and models offered by brands like Motorola, Chicco, Gigaset, Tomy and such to choose one for your little one. Easy and safe payment options through debit and credit cards as well as a Cash On Delivery facility offered by many e-tailers will definitely make shopping comfortable for you.


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