A Quick Guide on Types Of Car Toys For Kids

Hey parents!  Are you planning to buy toys for your kids? If yes, then you should buy car toys which is one of the most popular toy among kids. Read on to know the types of car toys …

Car toys make most of us take a trip down memory lane. It was the inseparable part of our cherished playtime. Most kids’, especially boys’ playtime is reserved for fabulous toy cars. They are their primary introduction to the world of vehicles. Boys have innate fascination for automobiles. They think of cars as the most stylish and thrilling vehicles. This is why; toy cars are timeless and extremely popular. They are available in a huge variety of pull-along and remote controlled forms. Swing cars are a thrilling experience for young dudes. Older boys enjoy playing with toy car sets. Some people are fond of collecting the models of exclusive luxury, vintage or sports cars.

Remote Controlled Cars

The rc cars are sleek and stylish. They operate on the radio control mechanism. Most can be moved in four directions – left, right, back and front. The remote controls feature cool shapes. Some have pistol grip which looks classy and provides excellent hold. A few varieties feature a cool dashboard controller with a steering wheel to control the car with ease. Some have steering alignment adjustment feature for keeping the vehicle straight on a track.


car toys

Collectibles Cars

Leading manufacturers of collectible cars like Bburago create miniature models of popular cars. They exhibit great details like headlights, wheels, doors, fenders, wipers and interiors which match with the actual cars. The front and the back portions of some models can be opened. Such models are characterised by the scale ratios. For example if a prototype has a scale ratio of 1:24, it means that it is 1/24th of the size of the original one.

Car Toy Sets

Famous brands like Hot Wheels create fantastic sets that include cars and tracks. One can feel the thrill of a Hollywood action movie as a car races across the tricky tracks, tilting bridges and challenging paths. Such sets should be assembled first. Innovative methods implemented for launching and landing make the play more exciting. The sets usually do not require batteries for their operation. The Hot wheels cars sets for young boys feature attractive add-ons like a parking gate, a traffic signal and a mat printed with lively scenery which can be used as a background for the tracks.

Swing Cars

Swing cars are fun and simple. They are made for 2-5 year old kids. Kids can have fun with riding them. A swing car can be driven by turning the steering wheel from side to side. It moves forward when the steering wheel is turned. The swing cars have comfortable seats which ensure a cosy ride. Some have music function for extra fun. They run smoothly over even surfaces.

The toy cars captivate young and adults. They have gained irreplaceable place in the world of toys. Many popular brands such as, Maisto, Silverlit, Bburago, Hot Wheels and Mattel create a wide variety to suit different choices and budgets. They are the perfect gifts and can make a kid’s day.




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