History of Pampers Diapers & Overview On Disposable Diapers

Marketed by the esteemed and prestigious company Procter and Gamble, Pampers is one of the leading brands in baby care and baby care products throughout the globe.

Pampers was the first to develop the concept of easy-to-use diapers and is thus popular among parents since the time of its birth. Pampers has come up with different products with innovative designs and perfect understanding of a baby’s need and a mother’s convenience.

History of Pampers Diapers

In the year 1950, Victor Mills who was working under Procter & Gamble Co. was looking for an easy way to change his grandson’s diapers as he disliked changing cloth diapers. He wanted to make diaper changing convenient thus assigned few researchers in the P&G’s Explanatory Division to look into the practicality of making disposable diapers. Mills’s started working on diapers and tested the product on his newborn grandchild. He could clearly see the disadvantages of cloth diapers and realised that disposable diapers could relieve parents from worry along with making kids happy.

First Disposable Diaper – The first disposable diaper from Pampers was shipped in 1961 but the problem that P&G faced was that no one knew where to stock Pampers. It was found in supermarkets and even in drug stores. The early diapers were bulky and fluffy, and were attached with pins. In 1966, Pampers lofted a ‘wingfold’ design diapers. With the passing years, Pampers added an extra feature to its diapers by replacing the pin with real tape so that parents could see what was going on in the diaper without hurting their finger.

By the mid 80’s Pampers had introduced value packs with additional diapers along with thin diapers that came with absorbent gels. Thinner diapers were introduced in the 1990s and were known as Ultra Dry Thins. These diapers absorbed moisture completely and sprang back to pull even more. Gender-specific diapers were introduced in the early 1990s but by the end of the decade it returned to unisex diapers.

Thin diapers features stretch panel on the waist and elastic leg gathers for better fit and comfort. Currently, Pampers latest catalogue features diapers with extra breathability along with Premium and Baby-Dry diapers. Protected with a layer of body lotion, these diapers help prevent rash, dryness and itchiness leaving baby’s bottom soft and supple.

Shop For Pampers Diapers Online

Catering you with the different products from Pampers, online shopping sites that deasl with baby care products like baby grooming items, baby bedding, baby gear, kids furniture, kids clothing etc offer quick delivery and are convenient than supermarkets as you do not have to wait in a queue or go around with a basket from one aisle to the other in search of your baby’s baby care products. You can buy Pampers diapers, nappies & cloth diapers and wipes online and make your payments through credit or debit card and netbanking. You can also opt for cash on delivery.


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