Baby Bedding Shopping – The Ultimate Buying Guide On Baby Bedding Products

Baby bedding comprises of a lot of things, like mattress, sleeping mat, bedding sheets, pillow, blankets, mosquito nets and sleeping bags. Buying baby bedding for your little ones can be quite confusing as there are so many things to buy and too many tips to consider while buying them.

Friends, In this blog post I will explain you the few safety measures which is to be considered while buying baby bedding products…

1.) Baby Bedsheets – Buy cotton bed sheets and top sheets to ensure comfort to your baby. Stretchable and fitted sheets for baby mattresses are a must as they give a snug fit and does not untuck easily while your baby sleeps and moves around in the cot. Flat sheets or top sheets are used along with blankets and can be washed at higher temperatures.


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2.) Baby Blankets – The baby blankets that are available are mostly cotton cellular, acrylic cellular and fleece. Blankets should be used according to the temperature in the room. For example on a hot day a single blanket or a top sheet can be used to cover your baby, while on a cold day a layer of two blankets. Acrylic cellular blankets are light weight than cotton cellular blankets and are similar in price.

Baby blankets are available in different prints to brighten up your kid’s nursery. Wrappers are also known as swaddling blankets. Wrappers and and blankets are made of skin friendly material and should be used according to the temperature.

3.) Baby Mattress – It  should be firm and not soft as soft mattresses often lead to sudden infant death due to suffocation. You need to ensure that the mattress fits tightly in the cradle and you should not be able to fit more than two fingers between the mattress and the side of the cradle or cot. It is recommended to buy a mattress with a PVC cover.

4.) Baby Sleeping Bags –  If your baby is too fidgety sleeping bag is the best option as it solves the problem of baby kicking off his covers. However, keep in mind that the sleeping bag does not have a hood and is the right size for your baby.

Sleeping bags are preferred over blankets and bedsheets due to its hassle free use. Little tots can enjoy a peaceful sleep without throwing away their blankets. It is advisable not to use blankets or duvets with a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag without a hood is recommended for newborns as it reduces the risk of them slipping down and cause choke hazards.

5.) Baby Sleeping mats – Made of quality fabric with several layers, a sleeping mat is waterproof. It has the capacity to stop water seepage deep into the mattress and thus protects the fabric from getting soggy. Sleeping mats like Quick Dry Sleeping Mat is better than rubber sheets and is durable.

Baby Bedding Online Shopping

Since new parents are mostly at a loss of time to go shopping at a regular store, online shopping is certainly a viable option as online sites feature a range of baby care products like baby bedding sets, baby grooming, baby gear etc. Simply place the order online and the product will be delivered at your doorstep, reducing the hassle of time and effort. Moreover, you can enjoy easy payment options such as cash on delivery and net banking.


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