Baby Carriers Types & Their Features

We all know that parents love to carry their baby in a baby carrier to feel safe and be close to their baby at all times. You can cuddle your baby against your body when you use a baby carrier. Baby carriers are convenient as they leave your hands free. You do not have to manage your baby’s pram and the shopping cart at the same time when you have a baby carrier.

Friends, In this blog post I will explain you the types of baby carriers & their important features…

Types of baby carriers

Sling carrier – Ideal for breast-feeding, a sling carrier is a long fabric that is worn across the torso and over one shoulder. Some sling carriers come padded while some are unpadded. Most baby carriers come with a pair of rings for adjustment.


baby carriers

Wraparound slings – A wraparound sling is a simple piece of cloth that makes for an elegant baby carrier. However, you need to know how to wrap it around yourself and carry your baby in it. They are available in a variety of fabrics but cotton, linen and wool are preferred as they are comfortable and breathable. These wrap slings are popular because they are versatile and make breastfeeding simple and easy. You can adjust a wrap sling by pulling the fabric.

Soft structured carrier – Designed with shoulder straps and waist straps, a soft structured carrier feature safety buckles to ensure that your baby is safe while you carry her. Most structured carriers allow you to carry your baby in two positions – front and back. The carriers are made in such way that the baby’s weight is evenly distributed and provide the benefit of body-to-body contact for the baby. They are ideal to carry newborns and toddlers. For the first few months it is advisable to place your baby facing inward towards you but after a certain age, for example when your baby is 5 to 6 month old you can place your baby facing outward towards the world. This type of carriers come with comfortable head rest to support your baby’s tender head.

Baby Carriers Online Shopping

Buy baby carriers online and save time and money. Online shopping sites offer you quick delivery and 30 days replacement guarantee. Brands like MeeMee, Chicco, Sunbaby, Nahshon, Farlin, ERGObaby, Advance Baby, New Natraj, Pigeon, Quick Dry are available online.

You can also use the refiners to select the type of baby carrier you want for your tot. The price refiner allow you to select a baby carrier according to your budget. Online shopping sites offer attractive discounts on baby carriers and gives you a pleasurable shopping experience. You can make your payment through net banking, debit or credit card and cash on delivery. Some of the most common and preferred baby carriers that are available online are Chicco Go Baby Carrier, MeeMee Baby Carrier, MeeMee 3 Way Baby Carrier, Nahshon Baby Side Carry Sling and Chicco Soft & Dream Baby Carrier.


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