Baby Strollers Types & Their Benefits | Baby Gear

After a baby is born it is very important to take the baby out on a stroll so that his eyes get accustomed to the environment. Your baby can accompany you on a shopping spree, for a walk or a family trip on a stroller. Strollers are useful baby gear for parents and kids. You can use a stroller from the start till your baby is of age 3 or 4. With the growing demand for strollers, the design and features of each stroller is made keeping in mind baby safety, comfort and convenience of parents. A stroller is also known as a pushchair and is ideal for toddlers.

Types of strollerbaby strollerss

Strollers come in different sizes and design but you need to choose the right stroller for your baby so that the baby is comfortably seated during his outings. Some of the most common strollers are as follows:

Standard-size strollers – Designed with a padded seat, a standard-six stroller can be reclined in multiple positions. Though, this type of stroller are available in different design and styles, most come with a canopy and storage areas below the seat. Loaded up with features, they can range from simple to expensive strollers. Most of these strollers come with dual seat position for parent-baby contact.

Lightweight strollers – Also known as umbrella strollers, lightweight strollers are foldable and weigh less than 12 pounds. As they are less expensive, they do not have much padding and are not quite adjustable. Ideal for toddlers and older babies, these strollers are great for travelling.

Jogging strollers – Ideal to scale up steep hills and hike through the woods, jogging strollers feature three bicycle wheels on a lightweight frame and provide a smooth ride for the baby and the parent. Bulky in size, jogging strollers can be difficult to use on a daily basis hence it is advisable to add a carrycot made for strollers.

Double and triple strollers – These type of strollers are ideal to carry more than one baby at once. A baby and an older sibling can be comfortably seated one after the other. There are different designs to suit a family’s need. Some are designed to carry two babies side by side while few have an option to place a platform at the back for the older sibling to stand. These strollers are easy to move around and maneuver through doorways.

Online Shopping

You can choose baby gear products like baby strollers, carriers, prams, baby chairs from any online shopping portals that sells baby care products.  Select from a wide range of stroller in different colours, designs, brand with unique features. Ensuring quick delivery, online shopping is fun and hassle-free. You can choose the right stroller according to your need and usability by using the price, brand, type and age group refiners. Brands like MeeMee, Chicco, Graco, Hauck, Sunbaby, Little Wanderers, mothertouch and many are available online. Buy your baby’s stroller at a discounted price from online and save money. Make your payments via net banking, cash-on-delivery and credit or debit card. You can avail the in-a-day guarantee option in order to receive your purchase the next day. The 30-days replacement option allow you to exchange or return the product if you are not satisfied with it.


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