Parents Guide to Choosing a Baby Carriers & Its Types

Baby Carriers are giving you a convenient way of holding the baby & provides feeling of closeness between mother & baby . You get to cuddle the child with your body while leaving your hands free to perform other activities. Walking down crowded streets or cooking in the kitchen while letting the baby rest next to you is possible with baby carriers.

Types of Baby Carriers

There are different types of carriers and each of them has its own benefits….

Front carriers – It allow parents to wear their babies on their chest. It usually has two shoulder straps and a fabric seat with cushion. As the baby is close to your chest it gets more body warmth and cozy.

Baby Sling Carriers – There are also slings with a wide fabric that is worn over one shoulder and across the torso. These slings may come with or without padding and adjustment rings. It is highly comfortable for mothers who are breastfeeding because of its loose fit and wide fabric that allows mothers to feed cautiously.

baby carriers photo
Most carriers are however manufactured in the form of front carriers with the double straps. This ensures that the baby’s weight is equally distributed over both the shoulders. The advantage with them is that once the infant grows up a few months older and can sit properly, parents can face them outwards to face the world. Some of them are also designed to allow parents to wear them on their back once the babies get heavier and it becomes difficult to carry them in front. There are different varieties of them, even in this design that come with slight alterations for the convenience of different types of parents.

How to Choose Baby Carrier

1.) Look for easy to clean material and design, easy to use style and those that can be used under all types of weather. Make sure that the baby does not get heated up excessively while carrying them as it may lead to dehydration.

2.) Check for enough breathing space as tight carriers can lead to suffocation, putting the baby at risk. Baby carriers are available for various age groups and there are also those that can be used for all ages of babies.

3.) These are manufactured using baby friendly materials to avoid irritation and harshness on their bodies. They incorporate designs that allow better back support for the baby and heavily padded straps for parents. So, while buying carriers ensure that you find the one that matches your body and your baby.

4.) There are carriers that have additional pouches and diaper bags attached, to fit all items that you need while taking care of babies. For parents who like trekking or hiking, there are carriers specially designed to give you more freedom while climbing and engaging in all the strenuous activities. You also have the option of going for one that is designed like backpacks if you travel a lot with your baby. Some are designed with lots of breathing space for your baby and your body. These carriers are really good for hot summer days when it gets sweaty.

Baby carriers are available in a wide range of prices & you can choose from a variety of brands that produce carriers like MeeMee, Chicco, Advance, Farlin, Pigeon, Sunbaby and others.



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