All About Teddy Bears – Its History, Significance | Soft Toys

Do you like teddy bears?

Do you think teddy bears are one of the most popular soft toy?

Fluffy and rotund, teddy bears are loved by children and adults all over the world. Besides being excellent bedtime companions for most children, they are also an eye-grabbing showpiece accessory in your hall or bedroom and add an element of mesmeric charm.

The universal appeal that teddy bears have, makes them a coveted toy, since decades. Moreover, they are a perfect gifting option to your near and dear ones.

The history of a teddy bear is certainly something to look into. In the year 1905, Theodore Roosevelt, a former president of the United States of America, was invited by the Governor of Mississippi for a hunting spree in the woods.

white teddy bear
Roosevelt desperately wanted to capture a bear but he couldn’t. Instead Roosevelt’s attendants captured a black bear and had tied it to a tree. But Roosevelt didn’t want to kill the bear, for he did not hunt for it, on his own.

This particular incident gained plenty of attention in the print media and soon, there were political cartoons and caricatures of it. The cartoons replicated the incident, in a comical manner, which featured Roosevelt and a cute bear, behind him. As each day passed, the image of this puppy-dog-faced bear grew cuter and its size was also reduced in the drawings.

Taking a high level of interest in this situation, Morris Michtom, a creative and artistic man, created, what was called, the Teddy’s bear, with due permission from Roosevelt. Michtom made a stuffed toy that resembled the adorable bear and little did he realise, that this toy, would one day, become one of the greatest stuffed toys in the world.

Banking on his success, the store – Ideal Novelty and Co. was started. In fact, half of the population was seen holding these stuffed toys.

Based on the gender-specific style, some of these teddy bears, were also designed exclusively for baby boys and girls. Girly teddy bears are often designed with a tiara and a frilly frock and the male version of these teddy bears are designed with a cap or a pedal pusher. If you’re thinking of purchasing a teddy bear online, whether it’s for yourself or as a birthday, wedding or valentine gift for someone special, look into top brands such as Dimpy, Archies, Keel, Warner Bros, Nature Plush etc which offer the best.

I think valentine teddy bears is the best gift option to surprise to near & dear ones…. Agree???

You can shop for teddy bears from online sites and check out what they have to offer. Once the order is placed, the product will be delivered to your doorstep. With easy, fuss-free payment options such as cash on delivery, card on delivery or net banking, you can shop and purchase without any hassle or effort.


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