Importance of Baby Cradles – Types, Benefits, Buying Guide

New parents! Are you thinking of buying baby gear products for you little one? Don’t forget to buy cradles. Cradles are one of the most important baby gear products. Friends, in this blog post you will read about the baby cradles like its type, benefits & buying tips.

In the old days, cradles were made by tying a large piece of cloth to a loop in the ceiling and it was gently rocked until babies slept. Those cradles are still available in the market, but as babies grow so fast, it is not very useful as it does not last very long.

These days, cradles are certainly designed in the most effective way. Cradles these days are equipped with a swinging feature which lets you rock them gently so that your little one falls asleep peacefully. A cradle’s gentle, side-to-side motion makes them sleep better. Modern day cradles are designed to be portable, so that parents can carry them wwherever they want and there are also specific cradles that are equipped with a stand.

What to look in baby cradles while buying it

Before investing in a cradle, make sure that they have soft, round edges and bear no sharp points for the sole safety of your little ones. Ensure that you keep a soft mattress on the inside along with certain play tools so that your baby is entertained as well as joyful. Choose cradles from popular brands like Mee Mee,  Mothertouch, Cradle Togs,  New Natraj etc.

Types of Cradles

There are many different types of cradles that are made, for your convenience.

Convertible cradle – A convertible cradle is one which can changed according to your baby’s growth stage. The convertible cradle can be turned into a bed and therefore it never really goes for a waste. The spherical cradle is a popular type which is specifically made for parents wanting a luxurious edge for their babies and toddlers. The spherical cradle is rotund in nature and is compact in size.

Standard cradle – There is also a standard cradle which is constructed with light arches and it may be designed with a flat side along with an open spindle in the end. The other popular type of cradle is called as a cast-over pivot, where the cradle is suspended from the pivot and it is supported by a hook or a clasp. The final type of cradle falls under the antique variety is this model is designed to exude a classic, vintage look with plenty of attention to detailing.
Since new parents are mostly at a loss of time to go shopping at a regular store, online shopping is certainly a viable option as online sites feature a range of baby gear products like baby cradles, baby carrier, strollers, prams etc. Simply place the order online and the product will be delivered at your doorstep, reducing the hassle of time and effort. Moreover, you can enjoy easy payment options such as cash on delivery and net banking.



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