Barbie Dolls – Gained Immense Popularity Among Little Girls & Preteen Girls | Girls Toys

Hey new parents! In this summer vacation you want to gift Barbie dolls to your little angels? Without doubt, we all know that Barbie mania has taken over the world especially among little girls. The unstoppable, perennially popular Barbie has not only achieved star status, it has also become one of the most popular dolls for little girls and preteens. It is interesting to look into the history of this magnificent doll. Primarily, it was an American toy manufacturer, Mattel that launched the first Barbie doll in the year 1959.

Barbie Toys History

The idea for Barbie originated when Ruth Handler, the wife of one of the co-founders of Mattel, wanted to create a doll that had more mature characteristics. However, the idea was not very interesting to Mattel. Despite the rejection, Handler came across Bild Lilli, a German doll. Bild Lilli’s features and style were exactly what Handler wanted and from there on, the inspiration for the Barbie doll was created. In fact, the name ‘Barbie’ was derived after Handler’s daughter, Barbara.

Barbie Dolls – Favorite Girls Toys

barbie dolls picBarbie dolls are mostly preferred by little girls and preteen girls. One of the incredible things about Barbie dolls are that they come with additional accessories as well, and that has been the highlight of the brand. Some of the accessories feature closets, shoes, pets, rings etc. Furthermore, Barbie’s USP lies in its slim hourglass figure, movable body parts and a fashion-savvy allure, making it a perfect, must-have doll for girls all over the world.

Besides Barbie as a single entity, a couple of characters were introduced to help sell the doll further. Some of the other characters that came along with the Barbie range are Ken Carson, Skipper Roberts, Stacie Roberts, Todd Roberts, Francie Fairchild, Jazzie, Kelly Roberts, Chelsea Roberts, Krissy Roberts, Blaine Gordon, Millicent Rawlins and Claire.

Barbie dolls which were gained immense popularity since the yesteryears were the Malibu Barbie (1971 to 1977), the Superstar Barbie, the Black Barbie in 1980, a collectible special called the Holiday Barbie and Vintage Barbies. Some of the Barbie dolls created early on, had designers putting their own spin on them such as the Mackie’s 1992 Neptune Fantasy Barbie. And by the year 2000, the Fashion Model Collection, called Silkstones, became a rage and they were soon coveted by collectors.


Online Shopping for Barbie Dolls

With the massive influx of online shopping portals that sells kids toys, purchasing a Barbie doll for your little girl has become really easy. You can browse through an array of Barbie doll and sets from the convenience of your home and place the order online. With flexible, easy payment options such as net banking, cash on delivery or card on delivery, one can purchase Barbie toys, choosing from the wide array of options and can have the product delivered right at the doorstep. Hey guys, visit on toys summer sale to find great offers & discounts on Barbie dolls.


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