LeapFrog – A Perennially Acclaimed Toy Brand Producing Innovative, Educational & Learning Toys For Kids

Are you thinking of buy learning, educational & innovative toys for your kids? With an aim to delight, engage and inspire children, LeapFrog, a perennially acclaimed toy brand, strives for excellence and caters to the requirements of a child’s development by producing innovative toys that lend an keen learning edge. LeapFrog is known for its award winning solutions and the brand firmly believes that children learn best when they are having fun. The brand has constantly looked for new and innovative ways to learn and therefore, it has introduced a range of incredible play tools and toys that will inspire children to learn, while they have immense fun.

The inspiration for LeapFrog started with the founder, Mike Wood, who was deciphering a way to help his child, read and learn at the same time. And in due course of time, LeapFrog was started, with the introduction of the first LeapPad learning system. The LeapPad learning system is essentLeapFrog Toysially, a fun-filled, interactive reading system that brings books and reading skills to life, through attractive imagery, music, sounds and instructions, fostering children to read more. Since then, LeapFrog has constantly been striving to be one among the best in educational toy solutions by introducing systems, games and books that have been wholeheartedly approved by parents and teachers alike.

Some of the popular learning play tools that LeapFrog has designed over the years until 2013 are Leapster, Tag, My Pal Scout, Leapster Explorer, LeapPad, LeapsterGS, LeapPad2, LeapPad Ultra and the LeapReader.

Based on several age brackets that include Baby (6-11 mos.), New Toddler (12-17 mos.), Toddler (18-23 mos.), Curious Twos (2 yrs.), Preschool (3 yrs.), Pre-K (4 yrs.), Kindergarten (5 yrs.), Grade 1 (6 yrs.) and Grade 2-3 (7-8 yrs.), the brand has tailored to meet the growth requirements of children falling under these categories, by producing specific toys.

The host of benefits that children will derive by playing with LeapFrog’s toys are reading & writing, mathematics, problem solving and logical reasoning, basic science, social studies, creativity and life skills, personal and social skills and learning the fundamentals of languages. Furthermore, besides learning, children also develop crucial skills that include fine motor skills, dexterity, hand-eye coordination skills and the knowledge of causes and effects. Incorporating child-friendly design elements and innovation, LeapFrog has truly redefined, learning while playing.

With the influx of online shopping and E-commerce sites, you can choose from a wide array of baby toys, boys toys, girls toys and other products from LeapFrog that will suit your children’s needs and requirements. Look into categories within the brand that offer learning toys, musical toys, tablets, development -oriented toys, computers etc. With the possibility of easy-payment options, shop from the comfort of your home and the product will be delivered at your doorstep. Moreover, most online sites also offer you the option of exchanging the product for a better one if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve received.


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