Cuddles And Hugs In The World Of Teddy Bears

If there’s one thing that can instantly melt the hardest of hearts, it’s the sight of a cute, fluffy, rotund teddy bear. Seriously, what’s not to love about them? The large eyes and the soft, velvety fur along with the pudgy paws, instantly make teddy bears, a cuddly toy or an eye-grabbing showpiece accessory in your hall or bedroom. Rejecting the notion that teddy bears are only preferred by children, the yesteryears and even modern times prove that teddy bears are equally loved by adults as well. Therefore, it goes without saying that teddy bears have a universal appeal and that make them, a perfect gifting option to your near and dear ones.

Looking back inTeddy Bears Phototo the history of a regular, standard teddy bear, it all started in the year 1905 when Theodore Roosevelt, a former president of the United States of America, was invited by the Governor of Mississippi for a hunting spree in the woods. In what followed, Roosevelt’s attendants captured a black bear and had tied it to a tree. But Roosevelt didn’t want to kill the bear, for he did not hunt for it on his own.

Pretty soon, political cartoons and caricatures of this particular incident gained a high degree of attention in the print media which portrayed the drawing of Roosevelt and an adorable-looking bear behind him. With each progressing day, the image of the bear grew cuter and tinier. Soon, Morris Michtom, a creative and artistic man, took inspiration from this incident and created, what was called, the Teddy’s bear, with due permission from Roosevelt of course. The stuffed toy gained popularity and that’s when the store, Ideal Novelty and Co., commenced. This also resulted in the increasing popularity of soft toys, and a massive part of the population was seen holding these stuffed bears in great joy.

It is also a noteworthy fact that teddy bears are classified into two types in the recent times. One is the two classic type which features connected limbs and the other type is crafted as just one singular piece. An example for this is the Beanie Babies edition. In the recent times, teddy bears are also designed exclusively for baby boys and girls. Girly teddy bears are often designed with a tiara and a frilly frock and the male version of the teddy bears are designed with a cap or a pedal pusher. Online shopping lets you browse through a stock variety of Teddy bears from top-quality brands such as Dimpy, Archies, Keel, Warner Bros, Nature Plush etc which offer nothing but the best.

What is interesting to note is that yesteryear teddy bears resembled a wild, forest bear in many ways. This was apparent in the long snout, small beady eyes, sharp paws and the typical dark brown fur. However, as time passed, teddy bears were designed with more rotund features and are were way more appealing in appearance. If we’re looking exclusively into the fabric employed while crafting a teddy bear, there are a stock variety of fabric materials such as velour, faux fur, denim, satin and canvas. However, it may be noted that not all soft toys are designed exclusively in the form of a teddy bear.teddy bears

In fact, many different toy companies such as Wild Republic and Aurora have specially devoted themselves to producing soft toys that are designed in stunning similarity after wild animals in the forest thicket. Most stuffed animals resemble reptiles such as snakes, chameleons and other wild animals such as Giraffes, zebra, horse, pigs, sheep, goats etc. Therefore, before selecting a gift for your dear ones, ensure that they don’t mind wild animals or farmyard animals, otherwise it may not be appropriate to present them such soft toys. Hence, velvety teddy bears are the best go-to choice as presents for a special occasion such as birthdays or just as a conveyor of messages that signify love.

If you’re looking to purchase teddy bear online for any occasion like birthday, wedding anniversary or valentines day, it is a viable option for those of you who are busy and are at a loss for time. Especially on Valentines day occasion (14th Feb), you can choose from a wide range of cute and cuddly valentine teddy bears from online sites and select on the one that you prefer. Once the order is placed, you can have the advantage of the product being delivered to your doorstep. With easy, fuss-free payment options such as cash on delivery, card on delivery or net banking, you can shop and purchase without any hassle or effort. With most online sites lending you seasonal discounts and huge slashes on the prices, you can avail the best at the right time. Online sites also let you exchange the product if you’re not satisfied.


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