Safe Baby’s Sleep in Cradles & Cribs | Features & Benefits

Hey new parents! Are you worrying about your newborn baby’s health? Do you know, a proper sleeping routine is one of the most important things that you should remember while raising a baby. A baby needs a good amount of sleep accompanied by a proper feeding for their proper growth & development.

Cribs & Cradles are the protected sleeping places ensure a secure and comfortable place where your little baby can sleep undisturbed. Difference Between cribs & cradles is that cribs are bigger in size as compared to craddle. Cribs are used for toddlers also but cradles are used for babies up to 4 months old.

Shopping for Baby Cradles

Some of cribs or cradles have special features like mosquito-nets or attractive toy hangers for kids. They are available in variations of sizes and height and it is important to choose the one that will suit the baby. Look according to the weight and length of the baby for whom you are buying, as babies may differ in size even at the same age. There are also cribs in a variety of colors that are available in the market and you can choose colors like pink for girls and blue for boys or other neutral colors. They come in different patterns and prints or with various designs to make them interesting.

Providing your child a safe and comfortable space, Mothertouch is a name you can trust. Keeping safety in mind, Mothertouch has flawlessly made the baby cradle that provides a comfortable space for your little angel to sleep. Have a look on couple of Mothertouch baby cradles….

Mothertouch Compact Cradle Deluxe

mothertouch cradle

Mothertouch Baby Cradle Cum Cot


Mothertouch Wonder Cradle


Mothertouch Rocking Cradle

baby cradle

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Cribs or Cradles – Which is best for baby sleeping? Reply via@comments.


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