Cradles – Best For Baby Sleeping

Hey new parents! Are you looking to buy cradles for your baby? Do you want to know more about cradles before buying cradles? If yes, then you are on the right place.
We all know that baby needs a good amount of sleep for their proper growth & development. The sign of a baby getting enough sleep is its being happy and cheerful when awake. If the baby is grumpy and unhappy while it’s awake, then it might be due to lack of sleep. Every baby has a different sleep pattern but parents should ensure that it gets sufficient sleep.

Cradles is one of the most important things to have while raising a baby. It is basically a special bed designed for babies to sleep, from the time they are born until they grow out of infancy. The most important feature of a cradle is the safety envelope that is formed around the bed. It provides comfort, protection and freedom to the baby to enjoy its naps. Infants can also play in them as they can be decorated with toy hangers and soft toys.

Types of Cradles

There are two main types of cradles that are available in the market –

1.) Stationary Cradles
2.) Portable Cradles

Stationary Cradles are mostly made of wood and are designed to be placed in the bedrooms. Portable cradles can be moved around and are made of light metals with padding around the area that is in contact with the baby. The portable cradles are more popular nowadays due to their convenience and the useful features that accompany them.

Majority of the portable cradles are designed in such a way that you can dismantle them easily and folded, so that they do not require much space while storing. The height of these cradles can also be adjusted into different heights to suit the parents or the baby. There is also swing locking facility that allows you to keep the cradle from rocking while the baby is asleep so that it is not disturbed, and also ensures safety of the kid when you are not around. Some of them have their own mosquito nets, which are very important to keep the baby safe from mosquitoes and other insects that can harm it. The fabrics used are selected from the most baby friendly materials and you can rest assured that your baby will sleep soundly and happily in these cradles.

Popular brands of baby cradle are Mothertouch, New Natraj, Infanto and MeeMee etc. Let your child enjoy the comforts of sleeping in its own bed, independently. Lull the baby to sleep by singing sweet songs while rocking the cradle. Decorate the cradle with adorable baby care toys and musical hangers to make it a lovely cocoon for the baby.


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