Benefits of Fisher Price Toys For Kids of All Ages

Baby toys are not child’s play when it comes to making the appropriate selection. As a parent, it is obvious that you face a hard time choosing the right set for your toddlers and babies. You are always looking for something that is as educational as fun for your kid and helps him or her develop her senses profoundly.

To help you make the choice, Fisher Price has introduced an all-comprehensive list of toys for babies of all ages. The list helps you choose for yourself and your kid the most appropriate toy for his or her age.

Toys for Babies (9-36 months)

For toddlers, a very utilitarian toy is the SpaceSaver High Chair, which takes up only so much space at your dining table. Help your child learn to sit up straight by strapping her to the chair. It is an adjustable seat with 3 height adjustments and 3 recline positions with the tray stay levels as well.  The adjustments make this chair a very useful product as it enhance the size of the chair as the baby grows bigger in size. In addition to that, it is highly durable and very easy to clean.

fisher price toy

For timely and sound sleep throughout the day, you can buy the Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing which is comfortable and holds the baby in place, while ensuring comfort. It has a soothing effect on the baby owing to its soothing music and alternate swinging motions. The fabric used in the cradles is soft and of exquisite nature, which ensures a comfortable experience to the baby. The mirror enhances self-recognition for the baby which quickens the pace of emotional progress.

Holiday Toys for Preschoolers (1-5 years)

This stratum of children is very delicate as kids are very quick to pick up on their surroundings. They must be exposed to educational toys which enhance their cognitive development. Fisher-Price introduces a funky and educational Little People ® Disney ® Princess Songs Palace for girls of ages 1 ½-5 years. This is the doll house your little princess always yearned for. The Disney princess castle is a beautiful canvas for your little one to weave her own stories or re-live life of Cinderella and her Prince Charming in the classic yet uber cool way. Bring the Disney characters on the dance floor and fix them on the pedestal. Your baby girl will love listening to the name and a classic Disney song from the original fairy tale. The adorable characters make cute residents to the castle.

barbie doll house

For your baby boy, you have Thomas & Friends ™ All Around Sodor. Thomas comes to life for the very first time by Fisher-Price. Thomas’ facial features magically move. When you press the colored buttons in a coordinated way, you send Thomas on a cool and unexpected journey. This helps your little champ learn the about locomotion and the railways in the most fun way possible. The kit contains Thomas – the engine, a cargo car, 2 barrels and a 1 figure-8 track with your child’s most favorite destinations from the show.

Top Holiday Toys for children in the age group of 3-8 years

Fisher-Price is often confused for a baby-toy manufacturer, but it has something in stock for kids of all ages. The Imaginext ® Mega Apatosaurus, is a fantastic toy for kids in the 3 to 8 bracket.


The extinct species runs on motorized machinery. It roars and runs like an actual dinosaur! The accompaniments transforming tech armor and cannons fire at the press of a button. Once your kid places the figure in the cockpit of the armor, he will get a sense of how the world would be if humans and dinosaurs inhabited the same land and coexisted peacefully.

Imaginext ® Eagle Talon Castle is another fascinating role play toy that your child will love experimenting with. Challenging the limits of your child’s imagination the Imaginext Castle lets you decide the consequence of the game. The player decides the objective and the trajectory to achieve it. Your little one gets exposure to Medieval history and architecture through this role play toy. You can turn the different figures on different disks to activate the defense mode, Talons lock the gate, shutters barricade the windows and the eagle’s head it revealed as it gears up to release fire at the enemy.

Buy fisher price toys online on various e-commerce websites and enjoy amazing offers and discounts. You can also choose to pay with cash on delivery of the product at your doorstep. When your child grows up playing with Fisher Price toys, he is sure to thank you for a happy childhood that you blessed him with.


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